The Next Great Franchise for Millar
Review for Millar & McNiven's Nemesis 1-C

Comic Book by Icon, May 01 2010
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November 20, 2010

The Next Great Franchise for Millar

I have finally got around to reading Millar’s Nemesis. I first got interested in this title when I read Kick-Ass HC and then when I read Superior and blew me away. Old Man Logan was another reason why I needed to see what nemesis was all about.

Millar’s take on a world with a super-villain and no superheroes is refreshingly simple and original, if not asymmetrical. But my feeling is that eventually Millar will find a character that will challenge Nemesis in the genius department and be in the right side of the law. I shall see if this comes true when I read the other issues.

There is freshness in the concept of having a super-villain exercise his smarts with little regards to how wrong he is in his pursuit for revenge, for it seems that Nemesis’ actions are guided by revenge towards law enforcement or authority figures.

The comic is very much over the top with regards to the depiction of violence and profanity, very much in line with Kick-Ass and to be expected from Millar, I guess. This is OK as long as there is a point to it and so far it blends well with the world and environment he is portraying.

The art that accompany Millar’s words is excellent. It has the precision of an architect and the creativity of a fine artists; kudos to McNiven for his contribution to the next franchise for Mr. Millar.


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