Waiting for some Depth in the Story
Review for Doorways 2-C

Comic Book by IDW, Dec 01 2010
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December 10, 2010

Waiting for some Depth in the Story

Doorways #2 continues to explore the relationship between Doctor Thomas and Cat, the mysterious woman from an alternate reality being pursued by Thane and his manhounds. The concept continues to intrigue the adventure and Sci-Fi fan in me. The action sequences are well done and the Men in Black have shown to be expendable as Thane dispatches them with ease. The art is well suited to the story. The one regret is that each episode just does not allow for the required interactions to make the story move forward with enough depth. The choices made by the character are not well developed so it has a superficial feel to it. A few more issues are required to see how the story develops and if there is anything more intriguing to the premise of this adventure.


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