batgirl not good
Review for Batgirl (2008) 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Sep 01 2008
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July 20, 2008

batgirl not good

I was looking forward to this book as I am very fond of the character Batgirl (Cassandra Crain) but this issue after reading it has made her out to be very uninteresting and boring, and made the other charcters in the 'Bat-Family' to be seem annoying and ignorant (especially Batman).

The main problem about this issue was the poor writting which either bored or annoyed you as a reader.

The artwork was on and off from time to time, the artist can draw Nightwing very well though it has to be said.

This issue really puts you off buying the rest of the series and to be honest this issue almost garuntees it will be bad!

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Dissapointed to hear this. I was looking forward to this.

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