Cool plot, careless effort put into Canadian locations,racist undertones of indigenous character
Review for Amazing X-Men (2014) 9-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Sep 01 2014
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June 01, 2020

Cool plot, careless effort put into Canadian locations,racist undertones of indigenous character

I get excited when any comic story takes place in Canada, and I really enjoy the writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost and have followed a lot of their career. However, I get frustrated when locations in Canada get mixed up or details are incorrect. Number one is the police cars woouldn't say "Police" if they're in a rural area they would say "RCMP", for Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force, and the uniforms are wrong. This is a sloppy mistake that could have easily been looked up. The made-up town Forrest is set in Manitoba. It turns out there is a Forest, Ontario, but that's near Sarnia. So Forrest, Manitoba has mountains in the background or large hills, which is interesting as it's in the prairies. And it is near Brandon, Manitoba, which is cool as that's a real city. But why say "Brandon, Canada," why is it so hard to say "Brandon, Manitoba" when they say "St. Vincent, Minnesota," not "St. Vincent, USA"? People can easily look these things up online. It's not like everyone knows all the German Nightcrawler says or the Russian Colossus says. And I have to say something about Talisman. Her costume is incredibly inappropriate. I am saying this as the trope of a sexualized indigenous woman is highly problematic and certainly has underlying racist tones. Her costume reveals way more than any female X-Man, and I don' t even understand how it stays on her breasts. This does not belong in an X-Men book that respects diversity.

The Wendigo plot is pretty cool, but the carelessness of Canadian locations when many Canadians read comics and the sexualization of the indigenous woman Talisman really bothered me.


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