Justice League cry for Justice 1-7
Review for Justice League: Cry for Justice 2-A

Comic Book by DC, Oct 01 2009
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September 03, 2011

Justice League cry for Justice 1-7

I just finished reading the series, and the first thing that sticks out is how outstanding the art is. Mauro Cascioli is an artist in the same league as Alex Ross. He draws the female heroes as good as anybody. The story is by James Robinson who pulls no punches on the violence through out the series. issue 5 has a cameo of batwoman fighting Endless Winter, the panel with her foot on the neck of EW is worth the price of the issue alone. Issue 5 also has Starfire and Wonder girl in bathing suits good girl art abounds. So if you like awesome art and a very gritty justice league, this series is worth picking up!


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