"Eddie, Freddy? Yeah, How 'bout I just call both of you 'Deadie'?"
Review for Army of Darkness: From the Ashes 1-B

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2007
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October 16, 2008

"Eddie, Freddy? Yeah, How 'bout I just call both of you 'Deadie'?"

Yes, the line was cheesey. And, yeah, it was cheesey when (good) Ash dropped to his knees with a beard of spiderweb and yells, "No...Oh, God. No! I was gone too long! TOO LONG!" But, hey, isn't that the kind of humor this book's all about?

The first book of this miniseries made me really want to go out and grab the other three. It's a stupid, cheesey, interesting enough to leave you hanging kind of issue. Just what I expected.

The small fight scene was pretty cool. The knives in the eyes made me kind of flinch. And I'd really like to see what four "Village People Freaks" help Ash to steal back the book of the dead and undo the destruction of his city.

The destruction IS undone, right? I mean, the ending in these Army of Darkness issues is usually a happy ending .. right?

Buy it, read it, buy the rest of the series. The book was cool.


Hey, no halfsies!!!
I forgot to rate this issue! MAANNNNNN - I give it .... 3 1/2 stars!

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