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Review for Crisis on Infinite Earths 1-E

Graphic Novel / Trade by DC, Dec 01 2000
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April 20, 2009

Just Epic

In 1985 I was 7 and didn't even know what a comic book was. I would later discover them and become a life long Marvel fan. As I have I hope grown wiser as I have aged I have made strides to broaden my horizons and devour an and all DC books I come across.

I was aware of the importance of Crisis on Infinite Earths from having childhood friends that where card carrying members of the DC nation. The importance of it though had grown fuzzy with the passing of time and I put it on my list of things to get around to reading.

24 years later I have crossed it off my to do list. 24 years later is still holds up. It still reminds you of what hero's should be. A question had been posted in the forums about what the difference between DC and Marvel was. It was generally agreed upon that DC where comics that where stories about hero's being hero's. This could not be more true than the story that unfolds in the pages of this graphic novel collecting Crisis.

There is giant action. There is an ultimate evil confronted by the combined might of many of the most popular hero's of the DC Universes. There is tragic death and destruction and hero's reminding us what it is to truly be a hero by making the ultimate sacrifice putting the needs of the many before their own laying down their lives in the name of salvation for human kind.

This is a must read for any comic book fan. If you are new to DC this would be a good launching point into the DC U as you get not only a good story but a slice of comic history with the death's of some iconic DC heroes and eye candy galore. Every hero you could want is basically here and all masterfully rendered. Just a must have! What a story! What an ending!


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