Falling Apart
Review for Teen Titans (2016) 30-A

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 2019
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May 20, 2019

Falling Apart

Deathstroke is dead. After a breakout in Robin’s secret prison, Slade Wilson was killed by Red Arrow. However, not only is Deathstroke gone, so is the trust that the Titans have worked so hard to build. With Robin’s secret now revealed, all he can do is wait for the inevitable backlash from his team.

(Spoilers Incoming)

As Red Arrow cleans up Slade’s blood from the rooftop, Robin and Kid Flash arrive to talk to her. As the three discuss how Deathstroke should have been handled, they are interrupted by Crush, Roundhouse and Djinn. Roundhouse immediately gets in Kid Flash’s face, telling him that he must have been wrong to assume that they were friends. Djinn interrupts them and tells them that they need to let all of the prisoners go. Kid Flash agrees with her, but Red Arrow tells them that they are agents of the Other, and if they let them go, they are playing right into their hands. When Kid Flash says that he’ll free them himself, Red Arrow draws her bow and points an arrow right in his face. Robin stops the two of them, saying that Red Arrow killing Slade was wrong. Kid Flash then goes to grab the door but is cut off by one of Robin’s batarangs. Robin defends his prison, saying that this is the only place they can make sure they stay locked up. Robin tells the team that the heroes in the Justice League had their chance to make a change, but they failed. So now, it’s time for their generation to build their own system for handling criminals, and if they can’t see that, then they are part of the problem. Djinn chimes in and tells Robin that she must be part of the problem too. When he tries to make up for what he said, she tells him that she believed he was a good person, but now sees that he is just cruel. When Robin tries to defend his actions, Djinn tells him that she is leaving with the others. Robin pleads with her to stay, but as he reaches out to grab her, Crush grabs him and throws him across the rooftop, and then elbows Kid Flash into the air.

As Red Arrow tries to talk Crush down, Kid Flash returns, and slams Crush through the roof. Roundhouse then attacks Kid Flash, and Red Arrow attacks Djinn. As the team fights each other, they all end up in the garage where Robin and Crush are now fighting. However, as Djinn threatens to end the fighting by force, an explosion goes off, sending the team flying. As the rest of the team lies unconscious, Crush wakes up only to be grabbed by the mystery attacker: her father Lobo.

We knew that once Robin’s secret was out, the team would fall apart. However, I did not expect the falling out to end in a battle. I’ve been waiting to see this explosion, and this is probably my favorite issue of Teen Titans so far. However, as much as the Titans don’t like or trust each other right now, it seems that soon, they won’t have a choice but to work together. Now that Lobo has entered the picture, they have to work together if they want to survive. This is a man who has regularly gone toe to toe with Superman and walked away fine. How can a group of dysfunctional teenagers beat that? Now that the team is fractured, and they have the threat of Lobo looming over them, Damian can finally get back on the right track. That is, if they all survive long enough to put things back together.


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