"The Torrid Tortured Life and Deaths of Chuck" OR "Yet Another Reason To Hate Cyclops"
Review for Avengers vs X-Men 11-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 2012
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September 17, 2012

"The Torrid Tortured Life and Deaths of Chuck" OR "Yet Another Reason To Hate Cyclops"

I write this review with the understanding and thought that most everyone has heard already heard the news concerning the death of a MARVEL character in the pages of this book...however, for those of you that might NOT have read AvX #11 yet, I advise you not to read any further.

**SPOILERS** Otherwise, carry on.

AVENGERS vs X-MEN #11 is one of those rare instances of a book just really ticking me off.

Here's the jist of it: in this next-to-last chapter in the AvX event, we come to the realization that Cyclops IS in fact the douche we thought he was...with or without the Phoenix Power...as he basically destroys Professor Charles Xavier, (founder of the X-Men and mentor to Scott Summers) on less than a whim.

The impact of this death might impact the MARVEL UNIVERSE, but for myself who is intimately familiar with the trials, tribulations, truimphs and tragedys of Charles Xavier, this issue and his death meant little. Quite honestly, Professor X is one of those characters that many didn't know was still floating around the X-Universe, but when a meaningful death to a pretty-much meaningless storyline is required, looks like it's time for the learner to become the master. I've seen this people comment that this death seemed Shakespearean. I'd argue it felt more Lucasfilmian. That is, had Obi-Wan been thought dead, missing, shot or otherwise MIA for a long time.

On the flip side, I guess this gives fans a little closure to the question of "Where in the World is Charles Xavier?" One only has to look 6 feet down at this point to get the answer. But what about Cyclops killing his teacher and father-figure? Personally, I really could care less about Scott Summers. When Marvel needs a character who's a jerk to be in a story, they write in Cyclops. And now we have an even more deep and passionate reason for hating him...he killed Chuck. Meh. Half the world thought Chuck was dead anyway.

While fans and collectors might be thinking of picking up this book thanks to a little media attention, true readers of comics (and MARVEL in particular) aren't fooled by this kind of stuff anymore. If you don't believe me, ask Johnny Storm. Never-the-less, I'm glad this particular event is winding down so we can move into the whole MARVEL NOW stuff...where Deadpool is a member of everything and Cyclops is still...well...an ass.


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