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Review for Savage Dragon Archives 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Image, Dec 01 2006
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July 26, 2009

Good Read!

Taking a page out of the Essential TPBs from Marvel, Eric Larsen reprinted the first 21 issues of the regular series and the original limited series, plus bonus stories of the Savage Dragon. Larsen arranges the stories/issues in chronological order. The best thing about Archives is, Larsen dumps the reprinted covers in between each story (unlike the Marvel Essentials) and makes the TPB as on giant story/read, with no break between issues.

The first volume of Savage Dragon Archives introduces the Savage Dragon as memory less in a burning field. He then is convinced to join the Chicago Police Department to help fight against the Vicious Circle (a super-villain crime group in Chicago), and you can guess the action gets crazy from there.

The trade starts a little messy, because Larsen rearranges some issues and stories in chronological order in the trade, so it dampens the flow of the story and art. But, once he get rolling, the stories get better and better. The best thing about the Savage Dragon, is the series is an old-school knock down action comic book.

Even know this is TPB is reprinted in black and white, it's still a great read, and cheap!


BTW I give it three stars!

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