Another Classic Series from Blue-Water
Review for Gearz 1-A

Comic Book by Bluewater Comics, Jun 01 2008
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August 02, 2011

Another Classic Series from Blue-Water

When you are a High School student with no friends, life is hard. It's makes things even worse when you seem to be allergic to all non-human animals. The solution, order a robotic "rooky" for companion-ship. Sometimes mistakes can be made in shipping and handling, in this case Karen and the President of the United States have the same mailing address (street wise). Now Karen has three great friends, it just so happens that they are robotic body-guards, while the President is stuck with a robotic dog that hates him. Things become "hairy" when the President goes to all extremes to recover, Marcia, Jan and Cindy. Lastly what seems to be wrong with the janitor and the problem he has getting to "not" clean the girls rest-room. This book was awesome; I only wish I could have given it five stars. Mostly the four stars were due to the slow movement of plot in the back end of the issue. The artwork was a bit archaic, but livable. This looks to be a very good min-series from BlueWater.


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