very good!!!
Review for Marvel Zombies 2 3-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 2008
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October 15, 2008

very good!!!

Wow, some great moments in this issue! The end of an awesome fight! Seeing Spider-Man get ripped in half was a bit awesome! This issue is where Kirkman throws the reader off track completely and takes the story down another awesome direction you never knew existed! Although given the nature of this book, he could have done pretty much whatever he wanted and it would still have been awesome!

The dialouge in this issue (like with most of them) is very strong and really stops the story falling from fun, too just plain silly. This is not to say that this series doesnt have some really funny dialouge as well though! *Spider-Man.. im looking at you buddy haha*

But there were at least 3 HUGE plot spoilers in this book, one of them especially being the hillarious return of a character long thought gone!

Kirkman really takes a turn in the story with this issue and nails it hands down! This is awesome stuff!

Once again, Im had a huge amount of fun reading this!


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