"Rockabilly Surf"
Review for CARtoons (2016) 9-A

Comic Book by Picturesque Publishing, May 01 2017
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June 05, 2017

"Rockabilly Surf"

This issue is dedicated to the surf era and covers the music , the cars, the girls and of course the surfers as well. Stories like Deuce and Pinstripe by George Trosley. Decued which is a fictional story or how the song "Little Decue Coup" was written. Done by Larry Williams. There is "Surf,'s Up" which shows all the things that were done in the era such as custom cars done by End "Big Daddy" Roth die cast by Hot Wheels , records like "Little Deuce Sedan" by the Beach Bums. I think we all can figure out what they were referring to. It even talks about trading cards, model cards and kits. Then there is "Surf Tunes"/ Showing some of the record from the times. Plus more... The only part of the book that is not themed with the Surf or Rockabilly era is " My Arttoons " which are drawings done and sent in by readers. I still liked the book.


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