"Catty" Stories...No Pun intended!
Review for Femforce: Claws of the She-Cat 1-A

Comic Book by AC, Jul 01 2004
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August 16, 2011

"Catty" Stories...No Pun intended!

For the most part the entire issue was great. The first story was very well written, but the art was lacking that Fem Force "in your-face" techniques. The Mock Turtle Soup story was kind of fragmented, but finished up well as the She-Cat proved that she could "outlast" the alien turtles. The second story was the complete opposite, story was lacking but the art was awesome. The finished art made me not care that there were three partial stories going on at the same time (that since this is a one-shot, will either continue somewhere else or not at all!!) probably a second or third tier book for AC collectors.


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