A Combination of Influences Makes this Work
Review for John Byrne's 2112 1-C

Graphic Novel / Trade by Dark Horse, Oct 01 1994
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July 31, 2011

A Combination of Influences Makes this Work

The first impression I get while reading John Byrne's 2112 is that it reminds me of Robocop and Judge Dredd. But lets us not forget the influence that is prevalent in this work, that of Philip K Dick's Blade Runner and other stories. There is also traces of Ray Bradbury in how dinosaurs are represented as source of entertainment and amusement instead of the wild beasts that roamed the Earth eons ago.

John Byrne art and writing has always impressed me. He is a hard working writer/artist in the tradition of Jim Starlin and Frank Miller. A rare breed in the combined talents and a pleasure to read for all of us.

There is one influence that is very evident in the art of this graphic novel; that is, the influence of the "King", not Elvis, but Jack Kirby. The influence is mainly felt in the super-hero characters introduced on page 18 and best illustrated by Ravak, the hairy monster that reminds us of a Fourth World character which will remain nameless and there are others that definite inspirations-walking.

One of the strong elements to this dystopia is the way Byrne imagines Earth's environment after hundreds of years of abuse. Take Brazil lush jungles become desolate desert.

John Byrne's 2112 is also part of the Next Men world that needs to be read to get the full impact of the world created by Byrne.

The combination of influences makes this title a strong addition to the Sci-Fi graphic novel.


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