Add Nothing and will be Forgetable.
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Graphic Novel / Trade by Chaos! Comics, Jul 01 1994
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January 09, 2011

Add Nothing and will be Forgetable.

Having read Medieval Lady Death from CrossGen and some of the earlier Brian Pulido's Lady Death works I have to say that there is very little to recommend for The Reckoning. This trade collects Avatar's Lady Death: The Reckoning story arc. The basic problem with the retelling of Lady Death is found in both the writing of the story and the rendering of the art. The story is weak because the basic concept is weak, not that there has been better efforts in the past and now with the newer attempt from Avatar and Boundless Comics. This story arc fails in the artistic side as well. This is the worst failing that can happen with comics like Lady Death and other titles that depend on female characters and their splendour, splendour that can mainly be manifested in the artistic side of the comics. This series has an overabundance of red colour in every page, the figures are caricatures of what could and should be presented in a Lady Death book. In short this title adds nothing to Lady Death and should not have been published.


Wasn't "The Reckoning" the original Lady Death mini-series from Chaos? Kind of had to be pulished.

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