King-Size Hulk...King Size Let Down.
Review for King-Size Hulk 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 01 2008
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June 27, 2008

King-Size Hulk...King Size Let Down.

*sighs* Leave it to Marvel to figure out a way to lure us to spend $5.00 on previously re-re-reprinted material.

Now, before I get hammerered for that statement, understand that King-Size Hulk #1 does have original stories in it. There's some great artwork by Frank, Arthur and Herb...BUT the stories are really nothing more than fillers. No new surprises or easter eggs here. Just more like lines within lines. (See what takes place between 10 panels of Hulk #2. Oooo. My heart's all a-flutter.

The cover(s) are very alluring with the promise of great stories. However, you'd be much better suited sitting down with a Hulk action figure and creating your own plot devices. Truly, not Jeph Loeb's finest moment. Save your $5.00 bucks and get your choice of covers out of the dollar boxes. I know I will.


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