Many Great Characters Abound
Review for Kirby: Genesis 1-J

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2011
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June 18, 2011

Many Great Characters Abound

I have high hopes for this reinterpretation of Kirby's many characters and in the hands of Ross and Busiek one would be hard press to expect less than greatness.

I'm very happy that they chose the main protagonist to be Kirby in tribute to the "King" of Comics.

Slowly we see glimpses of the many characters that will be populating this series and as I see each one my heart races in expectation of what will be around the panel/page. But my mind tells me that there is reason to worry when so many characters are thrown into the mix. I only hope that this dynamic due of creative artists will be able to make a coherent story out of these exciting characters.

There is no question that as I read and examine each panel I'm transported back to Kirby's creations and atmospherics; this the artistic team has most definitely succeeded in accomplishing.

So far... Great work Ross-Busiek!!!


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