Military Comics

Comic Book by Comic Magazines
(43 issues, 43 covers) - AUG 1941 to OCT 1945
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Aug 1941
Oct 1945

Title Bio

Anthology series published from August 1941 through October 1945.

Originally intended to feature the adventures of the Death Patrol, however the publishers decided however to go with the Blackhawks instead feeling they would be a bigger hit.

The switch worked and Blackhawk and his Blackhawks were featured in every issue and they became a success, with Blackhawk stories being published virtually uninterrupted until the mid-1980's.

Other stories featured in this title were the Death Patrol, Private Dogtag, Johnny Doughboy, Sniper, P.T. Boat, The Phantom Clipper, Blue Tracer, Shot & Shell, Inferior Man, X of the Underground, and many others.

After issue #41 the title changed its name to Modern Comics.

Title Data

Title:Military Comics
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Comic Magazines
Caption:Comic Magazines 1941 - 1945 (43 Issues)

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