Star Spangled War Stories (1952)

Comic Book by DC
(206 issues, 206 covers) - AUG 1952 to MAR 1977
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Aug 1952
Mar 1977

Title Bio

A DC anthology series running from August 1952 thru February 1977.
The series is continued from Star Spangled Comics after issue #130.
Numbering continued the same for the first three issues with #131-133 and then with the third issue DC rebooted the numbering with issue #3 which lasted until issue #204.
After issue #204 the title continued under the name The Unknown Soldier.

The series featured primarily self contained stories but also featured several ongoing characters and storylines such as:
Mademoiselle Marie
The War That Time Forgot
Enemy Ace
Balloon Buster
and The Unknown Soldier.

Title Data

Title:Star Spangled War Stories (1952)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 1952 - 1977 (206 Issues) [Continued as Unknown Soldier (1977)]

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