World of Warcraft (Series 5)

Action Figure by DC Direct
(3 issues, 3 covers) - JAN 2009
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Lo'Gosh (Alliance Hero)
Jan 2009
Rottingham (Scourge Ghoul)
Jan 2009

Title Bio

*DC Unlimited is proud to present Series 5 of the World of Warcraft action figures, as well as the fifth Deluxe Collector Figure!

With the first two series of DC Unlimited's exclusive World of Warcraft action figures selling out in mere weeks, fans of the game have proven what must-have collectibles these are! Exquisitely sculpted and intricately painted, no Warcraft player should be without these life-like representations of their favorite characters! *Source:

Title Data

Title:World of Warcraft (Series 5)
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:DC Direct
Caption:DC Direct 2009 (3 Figures)