Painkiller Jane (2007)

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment
(6 issues, 25 covers) - JAN 2007 to JAN 2008
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Jan 2007
Jan 2008

Title Bio

The character's given name in the original Event Comics issues was Jane Vasko. The character's given name for the SciFi television show was changed to Jane Vasco.

Dynamite, essentially, used them interchangeably. In the three times (once per issue) it is used in the 2006 series it is Vasco. On the recap pages of the 2007 series it is Vasko and used interchangeably in the stories (including Vasko on page one of #2 and Vasco on page four).

Due to the inconsistencies, and to avoid confusion, CCL has chosen to leave a single entry of Jane Vasko in the database.

Title Data

Title:Painkiller Jane (2007)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Dynamite Entertainment
Caption:Dynamite Entertainment 2007 - 2008 (6 Issues)

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