Amazing Man Comics

Comic Book by Centaur Publications Inc.
(22 issues, 22 covers) - SEP 1939 to JAN 1942
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Sep 1939
Jan 1942

Title Bio

Amazing Man Comics was an anthology series published by Centaur Comics and the Comic Corporation of America.

The title began with issue #5 and lasted until issue #26, beginning in September of 1939 and ending in January 1942.

Amazing Man Comics featured stories starring several different characters:

Amazing Man #5-26
Iron Skull #5-22
Minimidget #5-25
Chuck Hardy #5-13
Mighty Man #5-25
The Shark #6-22
Magician from Mars #7-11
Eternal Man #11-16
The Blue Lady #24-26
The King of Darkness #24-26
Nightshade #24-26
Among many others.

Title Data

Title:Amazing Man Comics
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Centaur Publications Inc.
Caption:Centaur 1939 - 1942 (22 Issues) {This series continues from the cover title Motion Picture Funnies Weekly}

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