Sensation Comics (1942)

Comic Book by DC
(109 issues, 113 covers) - JAN 1942 to MAY 1952
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Jan 1942
May 1952

Title Bio

Anthology series from DC Comics published for 109 issues from January 1942 through June 1952.

The title was the home for many recurring characters most prominently Wonder Woman from #1-106.
Other characters were:
Mr. Terrific #1-63,
Black Pirate #1-51,
The Gay Ghost #1-38,
Wildcat #1-90,
Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys #1-82,
Sargon the Sorcerer #34-83,
Lady Danger #84-93.

With issue #94 the title changed its focus from primarily super-hero stories to romance stories.
All recurring character titles were dropped with the exception of Wonder Woman, there were 3 new recurring titles added with Dr. Pat from #94-106,
Romance, Inc. #94-106,
and Astra, Girl of the Future #99-106.

With issue #107 the title changed its focus once again to more mystery and science-fiction orientated stories, with issue #107 Johnny Peril was featured.

After issue #109 the title changed its name to Sensation Mystery to better represent its new direction.

Title Data

Title:Sensation Comics (1942)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 1942 - 1952 (109 Issues)



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