Ultraverse: Series 2

Trading Card by SkyBox
(1 issues, 1 covers) - JAN 1994
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Jan 1994

Title Bio

Ultraverse: Series II or "Ultraverse II: Origins" was the second card set featuring characters from the Malibu "Ultraverse" line of comics. Each sealed box came with 36 packs per box, 8 cards per pack.

The base set of Ultraverse: Series 2 was made up of 90 UV-coated base set cards divided up into 5 subsets: Origins, Rookies, Aladdin Ultrahuman Assessments, Famous Battles, and Rune.

There are two subsets: Nine different painted bonus cards, and 2 Ultraverse "Ultra" cards.

Promo cards to this set also exist.

Title Data

Title:Ultraverse: Series 2
Type:Trading Card
Key Pub.:SkyBox
Caption:SkyBox 1994 (2 Items) [Painted Bonus Cards 1:10 packs; Ultraverse Ultra Cards 1:36 packs]


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