22 Brides

Comic Book by Event Comics
(4 issues, 10 covers) - MAR 1996 to JAN 1997
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Mar 1996
Jan 1997

Title Bio

Spinning out of the original Ash mini-series, 22 Brides expands the shared Event Universe. This series introduces us to the full band of Brides, including the first appearance of Painkiller Jane, as well as the Brides man-servants Joseph and James (who look suspiciously like a couple of comic book creators).

The first two issues of the series were printed on a lower quality newsprint stock paper while the second two issues were upgraded to a thin glossy stock paper (similar to Ash #6).

22 Brides next appear in Ash/22 Brides #1-2. Painkiller Jane next appears in Painkiller Jane vs the Darkness: Stripper.

Title Data

Title:22 Brides
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Event Comics
Caption:Event Comics 1996 - 1997 (4 Issues)


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