All-American Comics (1939)

Comic Book by DC
(102 issues, 102 covers) - APR 1939 to OCT 1948
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Apr 1939
Oct 1948

Title Bio

Anthology series published from April 1939 thru October 1948. Originally published under the imprint of the same name All-American Comics Publishing. AA Publishing and DC Publishing shared a close relationship, characters from both company's appeared within each others books and cross-promotion was common. In 1945, AA Publishing and all it's characters were sold outright to DC Comics.

The title originally featured newspaper reprints, including Mutt & Jeff which lasted from it's first issue all the way to it's final issue. Other reprints included Tippie, Skippy, Reg'lar Fellers, Ben Webster, Daisybelle, Toonerville Folks, Believe It or Not, among many others.

The title was also home to several original characters.
Red, White and Blue which lasted from Issue #1-71.
Hop Harrigan lasted from issue #1-99.
Issue #1 also introduced Scribbly and in issue #3 the strip introduced Ma Hunkel and with issue #20 Ma Hunkel became the Red Tornado until the strip ended with issue #59.
Adventures in the Unknown lasted from issue #1-25.
Gary Concord the Ultra-Man lasted from issue #8-19.
The Green Lantern was introduced in issue #16 lasting until #102.
The Atom from issue #19-61.
Dr. Mid-Nite from issue #25-102.
Sargon the Sorcerer from issue #26-50.
The Black Pirate lasted for 2 issues in #72 and 73 and then returned with issue #83-102.
Winky, Blinky and Nodd from issue #73-82.
and finally the Old West hero Johnny Thunder in the final issues from #100-102.

With issue #103 the title changed it's direction and name to All-American Western.

Title Data

Title:All-American Comics (1939)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 1939 - 1948 (102 Issues)

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