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(64 issues, 89 covers) - NOV 1992 to JAN 2013
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Nov 1992
Jan 2013

Title Bio

The first issue of the series prominently displays "Volume Two" on the cover and the indicia noted the same for the first couple years. No "Volume One" was ever actually published, but was intended (or perhaps just teased) to be a series chronicling the adventures of Supreme before he left Earth 50 years earlier.

#1-42 & #63-68 published by Image. #43-47 by Maximum Press as "Supreme: The New Adventures." #48-56 by Awesome.

The series originally ended in 1998 with #56 and was restarted in 2012 with #63.

To get to #63, Liefeld is using the following series in the count:

56 issues - Supreme
6 issues - Supreme: The Return

Title Data

Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Image
Caption:Image / Maximum / Awesome 1992 - 1998, 2012 - 2013

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