Blackest Night (Series 5)

Action Figure by DC Direct
(4 issues, 4 covers) - JAN 2010
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Black Lantern Batman
Jan 2010
Black Lantern Nekron
Jan 2010

Title Bio

*Behold the Power of the Black Lanterns!

This fifth series of action figures based on the hugely popular Blackest Night event includes Nekron, the Lord of the Unliving; Hawkman, the winged warrior who joins the Black Lanterns after falling victim to them; Deadman, the ghost hero who's tormented by voices of the dead; and Batman, who, in death, is as susceptible to the Black Lantern Corps as anyone. *Source:

Title Data

Title:Blackest Night (Series 5)
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:DC Direct
Caption:DC Direct 2010 (4 Figures)