More Fun Comics

Comic Book by DC
(121 issues, 123 covers) - JAN 1936 to NOV 1947
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Jan 1936
Nov 1947

Title Bio

Anthology series continuing from New Fun Comics.

The series at first featured several continuing adventures from New Fun Comics including: Sandra of the Secret Service, Along the Main Line, Spike Spalding, Captain Grim, Barry O'Neil and Fang Gow of China, Don Drake of the Planet Saro, Henri Duval, Jack Woods, Buckskin Jim, Bob Merritt and his Flying Pals, Wing Brady, Brad Hardy, Little Linda, Magic Crystal of History, Midshipman Dewey, 2023: Super Police and Dr. Occult who continued until issue #32.

Several new adventures were introduced soon within the pages of the series including: Mark Marson of the Interplanetary Police, The Bradley Boys, Red Logan, Ginger Snap, Ramblin' Jim, Rex Darrell the Flying Fox, The Red Coat Patrol, Biff Bronson and the early Siegel and Shuster strip Calling All Cars which after only a couple of appearances changed it's name to Radio Squad.

With issue #52 More Fun Comics begin focusing on Superhero type adventures with the debut of several well known characters within the pages of the series.
The Spectre made his debut in issue #52 and lasted until #101
Issue #55 saw the debut of Doctor Fate who remained until #98.
Congo Bill was featured from #56 thru #67.
Johnny Quick debut in #71 and remained until #107.
Issue #73 featured the debut of Green Arrow and Speedy and also Aquaman who both lasted until #107.
Superboy was present from issue #101 thru #107.

With issue #108 the title changed it's theme from adventure to more kid friendly humor titles with the appearance of Dover and Clover who had actually made their debut in issue #94.
It also now featured Genius Jones,The Gas House Gang, Cabbie Casey, Curly's Cafe and Cunnel Custard among many others.

Issue #121 saw yet again another change with the dropping of most of it's existing storylines and adding the featured fantasy series Jimminy and the Magic Book which lasted until the series ended with issue #127.

Title Data

Title:More Fun Comics
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 1936 - 1947 121 Issue [Continued from New Fun Comics #6]



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