Captain Atom (1965)

Comic Book by Charlton
(12 issues, 15 covers) - DEC 1965 to DEC 1967
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Dec 1965
Dec 1967

Title Bio

Charlton, like many comic publishers of their day, were always chasing the changing marketplace, and this title is a textbook illustration of the fact.

Debuting in 1951, they published Lawbreakers, issues 1 through 9, changing the title to Lawbreakers Suspense Stories for issues 10 to 15. The title then changed to Strange Suspense Stories for issues 16 - 22, then This is Suspense for issues 23 - 26, back to Strange Suspense Stories for issues 27 - 77, before becoming Captain Atom in 1965 for issues 78 - 89.

The character Captain Atom debuted in Strange Suspense Stories #75, and ran three issues before earning his own title. Drawn, plotted, and sometimes scripted by Steve Ditko, the character would be one of the properties acquired by DC Comics after Charlton's demise.

Gil Kane and later, Jim Starlin drew heavily from Ditko's character design when they reinvented Marvel's character, Captain Marvel in the 1970's, from the cowl, costume patterning, and later, sparkly flight trail.

Title Data

Title:Captain Atom (1965)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Charlton
Caption:Charlton 1965 - 1967 (12 Issues) [Continued from Strange Suspense Stories (1954) #77]

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