Magic the Gathering: Limited Edition Alpha (Base Set)

CCG / Gaming Card by Wizards of the Coast
(290 issues, 295 covers) - JAN 1993
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Jan 1993
Jan 1993

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Set contains 74 common, 95 uncommon, 116 rare, and 10 basic land (including 1 alternate image card for each land type).

Because of the unique nature of Magic the Gathering: Limited Edition Alpha, as described on the Wizards of the Coast website (see below), CCL has chosen to list both the Alpha and Beta sets of Magic the Gathering as 1st Editions. This is denoted in the "Printing" field on the cards listed in these titles.

*Premiered at Origins '93 in July of that year, Magic: The Gathering; was first released to the general public on August 5, 1993. The "Alpha" set consisted of 295 cards. After the Alpha print run of 2.6 million cards, some corrections were made and the remaining 7.3 million cards were released as the "Beta" set (302 cards). *Source:

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Title:Magic the Gathering: Limited Edition Alpha (Base Set)
Type:CCG / Gaming Card
Key Pub.:Wizards of the Coast
Caption:Wizards of the Coast 1993 (290 Cards + 5 Alternate Image Cards)