Marvel Family

Comic Book by Fawcett
(89 issues, 90 covers) - DEC 1945 to JAN 1954
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Dec 1945
Jan 1954

Title Bio

Anthology series published by Fawcett Comics from December 1945 thru January 1954 for a total of 89 issues.

The series contained stories featuring the Marvel Family.
Primarily Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr. and Mary Marvel.

The series also featured several recurring characters in humor strips.
Such as Headline Harry, Boxcar Benny, Kanvasback Kenny, Judge Smudge, Pee Wee Pete, and Lazy Lee, among others.

Title Data

Title:Marvel Family
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Fawcett
Caption:Fawcett 1945 - 1954 (89 Issues)


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