Badger: Shattered Mirror

Comic Book by Dark Horse
(4 issues, 4 covers) - JUL 1994 to OCT 1994
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Jul 1994
Oct 1994

Title Bio

*Three years after the collapse of First Comics, Dark Horse released both Shattered Mirror and Zen Pop Funny-Animal Version at the same time playing up the split personality aspect of the character; Mirror being a very serious, ground-up reboot of the property and Zen Pop being a more action-oriented title in the style of the First Comics series.

Long-time fan reaction to Shattered Mirror in particular leaned negative for its ill-suited artwork and the fact that it was yet another origin recap with recycled story elements from throughout the First series sprinkled in; including changes that ranged from the mild (Dr. Irving Bor is now Dr. Dave Bor) to the extreme (the 30-something virgin Daisy Fields now has a live-in, coke head boyfriend).

After Dark Horse's poorly received attempt to reboot the property, it would be yet another three years before Image produced an 11 issue, black and white series that, as a symbol of the title going back to its roots, used the sum total of issues as the indicia numbering (#78-88). *Source: SwiftMann

Title Data

Title:Badger: Shattered Mirror
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Dark Horse
Caption:Dark Horse 1994 (4 Issues)


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