Earthworm Jim (1994) Bob & #4

Action Figure by Playmates, Jan 01 1994
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Earthworm Jim (1994) Bob & #4 by Playmates
Earthworm Jim (1994) Bob & #4 by Playmates


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 1994
Caption:Bob & #4


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*The Most Fiendish Killer Goldfish to Ever Bite Bait and His Ever Faithful Catatonic Cat Servant!

Bob & #4's Wacky Worm-Wrecking Weapons & Accessories:
Extra Crispy Worm Searing Gun, Wicked Worm Slicing Sword

Hello air suckers! It is I, Bob, the killer goldfish. Welcome to my watery world of La Planeta de Agua - wipe your feet, please. Here, I am master of all and slave to no one. It is here that I develop my plans of universal conquest and waterproof fish food. If you look to your left, you will see some of my more ingenious inventions, among them my famous Robo-Squid, Cyber-Tuna and Techno-Sturgeon. To my right is my new and improved catatonic cat servant, #4. I have made vast improvemetns over my previous models, #2 and #3. Please - don't ask me about #1. It is a sad story. Now, pay close attention to #4's arms and you will see that he is fitted with a Super Spring-gizmo Launching Arm: a very effective weapon in the fight against goodness and all those who dare to challenge the ways of villainy. I am, of course, speaking of that wormboy, Earthworm Jim and his infernal puppy, Peter. It was through my many encounters with those do-gooders that I developed my Extra Crispy Worm Searing Gun: one squeeze of the trigger and - voila! - one tasty toasted worm snack. But that is not all that I have here in my goodness - grinding arsenal of maniacal machinery. Please walk this way. Behold, the pride of my ancestors: the Wicked Worm Slicing Sword. One slice and Earthworm Jim will wiggle no more. This concludes the tour of La Planeta de Agua. Remember, up with villainy and down with daring do-gooders. Have a perfectly evil day. And beware of the falling cow. Moooo-ooomph! *Source: Back of Package


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