Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 26-A

Comic Book by Marvel, May 01 1970
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Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 26-A by Marvel
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 26-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:MAY 01 1970
Content:CCA Approved


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"Where Strides the Behemoth"
Reprinted from Tales to Astonish (Vol 1) #67.
An enraged Hulk faces off against the Soviet tanks, crushing all pursuit. When he reverts to Bruce Banner, he is discovered by a tribal chieftain who sees a ransom in his future for the American's return. Unfortunately, the Americans send Colonel Talbot, whose jealousy and suspicion turn the hostage exchange into a shoot-out. 10 pages.

"The Return of the Blob"
Reprinted from X-Men (Vol 1) #7.
20 of the original (omits panels from pages 14, 15, 16, 18, and 19).
At Magneto's strong-hold, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants bicker. Professor X reveals his new invention, Cerebro, to Scott. It is a machine that locates mutants, much like the Professor's natural power allows. The Professor also names Cyclops as team leader, as he announces that he will be absent for some time. Magneto tracks down the amnesiatic Blob at the circus and recruits him for the Brotherhood. Cerebro alerts the X-Men, and soon, the two groups face off. Magneto is callous in regards to the Blob's safety, and the Blob decides he wants nothing to do with either group. 22 pages (X-768).

"The Fellowship of Fear!"
Reprinted from Daredevil (Vol 1) #6.
Daredevil drops in on a film production which is shooting a movie of a bank robbery by the Ox and the Eel, only to find that it is a cover for a real heist, that the villains are not actors, but the real thing. What's worse is that there is a mastermind behind them, Mr. Fear, who can induce abject fear in the heart of his enemies. The Man Without Fear must find a way to beat his own terror. 20 pages.
First appearance and origin of Zoltan Drago, Mister Fear.


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