A book for everyone
Review for Superman: Secret Identity nn-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by DC, Jan 01 2004
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July 03, 2008

A book for everyone

This is a collection of the four prestige format issues. I started reading it over a month ago and only got about 20 pages into it before getting bored and distracted by newer comics. Then I picked it up last night and cruised through the rest of the collection. I quickly found myself wrapped up in the life of Clark Kent, a regular boy from Kansas whose parents named him after Superman's alter ego because they thought it would be cute. I just wasn't getting it at first. The story wasn't clicking with me. Then everything came together and we get an entire life synopsis on this man. Just an outstanding read and Stuart Immonen's art (which I'm generally indifferent to) was amazing and perfect for the tone of the story. An excellent, excellent read that I'd recommend for everyone.


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