50% good, 50% bad
Review for X-Men Unlimited (2004) 9-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Aug 01 2005
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June 30, 2008

50% good, 50% bad

Loved the first story. Really disliked the second.

The first story, by Matt Fraction and Sam Kieth, is a Wolverine retrospective that turns into a tale of a dead friend. The retrospective is great as it addresses the ridiculousness of Wolverine's life. The dead friend tale seems to be an odd turn in the story, but plays out nicely. And besides, it's Sam Kieth art, of course I'm going to like it.

The second story, by Damon Hurd and Mark Brooks (two creators I really enjoy), just comes off as crap and that's solely due to Hurd's story. Brooks does a fine job on the art and it's fun to see his interpretation of the X-Men through the years. The story though. So completely terrible. The crux is that Iceman writes a resignation letter to Scott every morning. B.S. Completely out of character and completely unbelievable. I can't believe that story got green lit.


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