A spectacular introduction
Review for Goon: Fancy Pants Edition 1-A

Hard Cover by Dark Horse, Oct 01 2005
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July 09, 2008

A spectacular introduction

I made a few comments to friends about how I never liked the Goon. At that time I had only read some short stories in anthologies. So, why did I get this? Well, it was only $12.50 on MailOrderComics.com and I really wanted to give the title a fair shake since it was one of my friends favorites. Turns out those short stories were too short for me to get a good sense of this title.

This collection of the "mythos" stories reordered to be chronological (original #1 & 2, Dark Horse #1, 3, 5 & 9) make for a great collection. This stuff is ludicrously funny. I don't know if we'll get another book like this, but I'll hold out hope before buying up the regular trades. So much good stuff in here.


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