A drop in fun
Review for Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine 3-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Marvel, Jan 01 2006
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July 10, 2008

A drop in fun

Two different stories here and to be honest, the weakest two stories of the MCP reprints. The first is a Liefeld/Nicieza three-parter that is completely pointless. Wolverine tracks Wild Child for 24 pages with zippy resolution or actual point. Chase Wild Child. Insult Wild Child. Fight Wild Child. Not even ridiculously ridiculous Liefeld art to laugh at either.

The second story is by some guy named Michael Higgins with art by Dave Ross. It was a team-up with the post Mr. Fixit gray Hulk, who changes with the night like his original version (wha??). The first few chapters are fun with the Hulk and Wolverine, but then another Wolverine steps into the fray. Turns out its Mimic, who may have been MIA for decades when this story came out. Interesting from a continuity laden story perspective, but pretty flat in both art and dialogue (the Mimic parts at least).


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