Filthy, dirty politics
Review for Transmetropolitan (1998) 5-B

Graphic Novel / Trade by Vertigo, Jan 01 2001
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June 30, 2008

Filthy, dirty politics

Ah, Spider Jeruselem and his bowel disruptor. This series continues to amaze me with its disturbing and yet honest look at the dirty side of America. Sure, this isn't the America we know, but this (and the last) collection's window into dirty politics really strikes a cord with me. The last issue in this volume really sees the *$@& hit the fan as the cops, in order to cover up a hate crime they witnessed and did nothing about, gather all protestors and incite a riot. They short out all video and the President locks down the media. Good, dark commentary on how close we could be to the same. Love this series.


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