Monsters on the Prowl 17-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 1972
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Monsters on the Prowl 17-A by Marvel
Monsters on the Prowl 17-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.20
Publish Date:JUN 01 1972
Content:CCA Approved


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"I Created the Colossus!"
Reprinted from Tales of Suspense (Vol 1) #14.
Behind the Iron Curtain, a sculptor is accused of treason by his brother, and must create a piece to show his loyalty. He creates a monstrous figure, and as he finishes, an alien crash lands outside his studio. The alien seeks shelter from pursuer, and melds with the statue, bringing it to life. It senses the artist's frustration with the Communist regime and goes on a rampage. The alien ultimately departs, leaving the statue inert. The artist tells the authorities that the statue was brought to life by injustice. 18 pages.

"Island of Fear!"
Reprinted from Adventures Into Terror #11, originally titled "Island of Horror!"
A reporter following a series of disappearances on the waterfront questions a ship captain, who relates a tale about an ill-fated trip at sea. A storm caused the ship to wash ashore an island covered with terrible idols of cannibal gods. A temple on the island carried an inscription over the door about a curse on whomsoever entered becoming one of the gods. The ships captain enters fearlessly. The reporter learns to his dismay the truth of the warning. 5 pages.


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